Abbott Shoe – A family owned, and family run business dating back to 1964.  Since we opened our doors we have been striving to provide the best in quality, comfort, and service…all at a discounted price.  It is hard to find a full service shoe store these days with all of the massive online retailers out there, but we have been working hard to keep this “Abbott Shoe Family” intact.  We want to be able to provide all of the services that you need and most importantly provide you with the most comfortable, best fitting shoes you have ever worn.

Walking into the store you will be greeted and welcomed by the two most important people of this Abbott Shoe family, Lee and Lisbeth.  Let me tell you, these two…they know their shoes, and they know which shoes will work perfectly for you.  They will be able to help you with whatever it is you are looking for; Womens shoes, Mens shoes, Childrens shoes; dress shoes, sneakers, sandals; it doesn’t matter, they know it all.  They understand what a foot wants, and what a foot needs and they will provide exactly that.  Come on in to the store and chat with them, they will make you feel like you are a part of the Abbott Shoe Family.

If you are reading this page that means you have found us online.  That’s where I come in, Josh, the youngest of the bunch.  I worked at the store through high school and college, but then found my way into the Energy Engineering industry.  The weird part is, I found myself missing the shoe business like CRAZY.  I wanted to still be a part of it, what can I say, shoes are still a passion of mine.  I took it upon myself to give us a web presence.  I built the first web site and got our name out.  Now is the time to do more than just get our name out, I have redesigned the website and started this blog. So come on in, take a look at our collection,and join our family, the Abbott Shoe Family.






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