Fall Collection

September 21, 2012

Every year there are a few specific events that make me realize Summer is on its way out.  The first, waking up for work in the morning and having it still be pitch black outside.  The second, having to put on my jacket for the first time. Finally the third, and most important of all, having all of our fall shipments arrive at what seems to be the exact same time.  All three of these events have happened already.  I could talk about the first two events and that summer is almost over, but I don’t want to be depressed… so on to the third, FALL SHIPMENTS!

The sandals and summer shoes have been moved downstairs into our inventory storage, and the new, exciting fall styles are out on the floor.  We’ve got the new styles from Clarks, Naot, Dansko, Frye and many more.  I know I probably say this every year, but these brands outdid themselves this year.  A few of the same classic styles, but a lot of these brands are trying something new and let me tell you…they killed it.  Maybe it’s my passion for shoes, maybe it’s the confidence I have in our buying team, or maybe these brands really brought it to the next level.  Come on in, check out our new fall collection, and see for yourself!




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