September 13, 2012

  You know that feeling when you finally complete something that you have been working on for months? The feeling of accomplishment mixed with the feeling of “I can’t actually be done, can I?” I was putting all of the final touches on the website last night, went through the preview to make sure every link worked, and every page was how I designed it to be.  Everything was working properly. 

  I moved the mouse to the “Publish” button and as soon as that little hand popped up on my laptop over the button, two things started running through my head.  The first….”YESSSSSSSS I’M DONE I’M DONE I’M DONE,” and the second…”I hate it, I need to start over…”.  The first thought overpowered the second and I pressed the publish button.  At that moment I had three options…Option 1, call everyone I know saying that the new website is up and stay on the phone with them until they tell me what they thought.  Option 2, calmly shut my laptop, put it on my nightstand, and have a nice peaceful sleep or Option 3, throw my laptop out the window and throw up…  All normal reactions right?  Yeah…I thought so too.

  Being the impatient person that I am, I immediately went to the website and hit the refresh button probably fifteen thousand times in a row. The new website isn’t coming up, something must be wrong, what do I do now??  Option 3 was looking pretty good. After the brief moment of panic, I closed my eyes, laid back, put on some relaxing music, and told myself I had to wait 10 minutes before pressing the refresh button again.  I opened my eyes, pressed refresh, and…..well….check it out for yourself,






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