Time to Revamp!

August 23, 2012

  You think you know, but you have no idea, this is the diary of Abbott Shoe.

  Okay, well not really, but kind of!  I have just always wanted to start off a story, or a blog like that.  If you are reading this…WELCOME.  You have made it to the new website and the new blog, and man am I glad you are here and can see this.  This whole “revamping” journey started Memorial Day Weekend.  After spending the nice, long weekend in Ogunquit, ME, soaking up as much sun as possible, I come home to a crashed computer.  I lost it all…most importantly…the Abbott Shoe website.  That’s when I decided to make some changes, I designed the old website a few years ago, and it got the job done.  Was it great? No.  Was it fancy? No. Did it make people say wow? No.  Did it give everyone information about our store, brands, hours, etc.?  YES (Finally).  I’m a pretty simple guy, but damn it I wanted to be able to answer “YES!” to all of those questions.  I am hoping that is what this website will let me do. 

  With only being able to work on this after work, and on weekends, it took me a lot longer than I expected.  But that’s okay, I needed it to be perfect.  I couldn’t just put up a site that “got the job done”, I needed to put up a website, that if someone stumbled across they would want to come visit us and take a peek at our collection. 

  I will be updating this website regularly, the Abbott Shoe gang will be giving you blog post, after blog post, after blog post until you are so sick of us that….wait that’s not going to happen, you won’t get sick of us.  So take a peek around the new website, and if you like what you see, come visit us!  Come join the Abbott Shoe family, oh and while you are at it…BUY SOME SHOES!