48 Degrees?

September 25, 2012

 I woke up around 5:30, got ready for work, and jumped in my car.  48 degrees.  Is this a joke?  September 25th and it’s already below 50 degrees? Summer is over.  In the midst of my anger, something hit me.  This is going to be a big year for boots.  I’m not sure why my mind immediately jumped to that, but it did. 

  We have been getting shipment after shipment of new Fall styles and I don’t think we have ever brought in this many boots.  All different styles, all different looks, and yet they all seem to catch my eye.  Every season there is a new hot trend that you can see across all brands and all manufacturers.  In the spring and summer it was the introduction of the “bare-foot running” styles, the New Balance Minimus, the Vibram Five Fingers, the Nike Free’s etc.  The boots that have been coming in look incredible and are passing our “fit” test with flying colors.  Frye, Clarks, Naot, Dansko, Reiker, UGG I get excited just writing about it.

  Like I said before, this is going to be a HUGE year for boots.  Come check out our collection before we start selling out of styles!



Fall Collection

September 21, 2012

Every year there are a few specific events that make me realize Summer is on its way out.  The first, waking up for work in the morning and having it still be pitch black outside.  The second, having to put on my jacket for the first time. Finally the third, and most important of all, having all of our fall shipments arrive at what seems to be the exact same time.  All three of these events have happened already.  I could talk about the first two events and that summer is almost over, but I don’t want to be depressed… so on to the third, FALL SHIPMENTS!

The sandals and summer shoes have been moved downstairs into our inventory storage, and the new, exciting fall styles are out on the floor.  We’ve got the new styles from Clarks, Naot, Dansko, Frye and many more.  I know I probably say this every year, but these brands outdid themselves this year.  A few of the same classic styles, but a lot of these brands are trying something new and let me tell you…they killed it.  Maybe it’s my passion for shoes, maybe it’s the confidence I have in our buying team, or maybe these brands really brought it to the next level.  Come on in, check out our new fall collection, and see for yourself!




September 13, 2012

  You know that feeling when you finally complete something that you have been working on for months? The feeling of accomplishment mixed with the feeling of “I can’t actually be done, can I?” I was putting all of the final touches on the website last night, went through the preview to make sure every link worked, and every page was how I designed it to be.  Everything was working properly. 

  I moved the mouse to the “Publish” button and as soon as that little hand popped up on my laptop over the button, two things started running through my head.  The first….”YESSSSSSSS I’M DONE I’M DONE I’M DONE,” and the second…”I hate it, I need to start over…”.  The first thought overpowered the second and I pressed the publish button.  At that moment I had three options…Option 1, call everyone I know saying that the new website is up and stay on the phone with them until they tell me what they thought.  Option 2, calmly shut my laptop, put it on my nightstand, and have a nice peaceful sleep or Option 3, throw my laptop out the window and throw up…  All normal reactions right?  Yeah…I thought so too.

  Being the impatient person that I am, I immediately went to the website and hit the refresh button probably fifteen thousand times in a row. The new website isn’t coming up, something must be wrong, what do I do now??  Option 3 was looking pretty good. After the brief moment of panic, I closed my eyes, laid back, put on some relaxing music, and told myself I had to wait 10 minutes before pressing the refresh button again.  I opened my eyes, pressed refresh, and…..well….check it out for yourself,






Time to Revamp!

August 23, 2012

  You think you know, but you have no idea, this is the diary of Abbott Shoe.

  Okay, well not really, but kind of!  I have just always wanted to start off a story, or a blog like that.  If you are reading this…WELCOME.  You have made it to the new website and the new blog, and man am I glad you are here and can see this.  This whole “revamping” journey started Memorial Day Weekend.  After spending the nice, long weekend in Ogunquit, ME, soaking up as much sun as possible, I come home to a crashed computer.  I lost it all…most importantly…the Abbott Shoe website.  That’s when I decided to make some changes, I designed the old website a few years ago, and it got the job done.  Was it great? No.  Was it fancy? No. Did it make people say wow? No.  Did it give everyone information about our store, brands, hours, etc.?  YES (Finally).  I’m a pretty simple guy, but damn it I wanted to be able to answer “YES!” to all of those questions.  I am hoping that is what this website will let me do. 

  With only being able to work on this after work, and on weekends, it took me a lot longer than I expected.  But that’s okay, I needed it to be perfect.  I couldn’t just put up a site that “got the job done”, I needed to put up a website, that if someone stumbled across they would want to come visit us and take a peek at our collection. 

  I will be updating this website regularly, the Abbott Shoe gang will be giving you blog post, after blog post, after blog post until you are so sick of us that….wait that’s not going to happen, you won’t get sick of us.  So take a peek around the new website, and if you like what you see, come visit us!  Come join the Abbott Shoe family, oh and while you are at it…BUY SOME SHOES!